BNLS offers a complete Returns Management /Reverse Logistics Solution for Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors, and Dealers.
BNLS focuses on serving customers with global sourcing and supply chain management needs.
BNLS creates value through innovative end-to-end logistics services.
We provide a single, efficient point of shipment planning, purchase order monitoring, and transportation / distribution cost collection and transfer to our clients.
We keep all of our customers abreast of the changes and improvements in logistics services and techniques.
Our performance analytics and best practices are focused on improving the efficiency and finding the hidden opportunities in the supply chain of the client.
BNLS  Logistics unit can provide logistics, shipment and procurement services in the following areas

  1. Construction Material Procurement
  2. Transportation with in Afghanistan
  3. Local Logistic Services
  5. Import and Export Services with neighboring countries

Management System

BNLS is eminent in planning, design, and construction of Material. The use of the Project Execution Plan will integrate design, procurement, and construction into a unified approach with the overall goal. Key elements of the plan are:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Integrated Project and Construction Staffing
  • Mobilization Schedule
  • Scopes for Self-performed and Subcontracted Construction
  • Construction Offices and Temporary Facilities Requirements Assessments
  • Efficient and Effective Communications Systems
  • Design Progress Tracking and Change Control
  • Critical-Path Long-lead Procurement
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Design Packages to meet Construction Dates Schedule
  • Total scope construction work packages
  • Materials Control
  • Just-in-time delivery to minimize staging and storage space plan
  • Project Safety Plan and Hazards Analysis
  • Construction Waste Minimization Plan
  • Area Use Plan and etc...

BNLS QC/ QA Control Procedures

BNLS will establish a program for inspection of activities affecting quality and will cover all construction site and laboratory operations, including both onsite and offsite operations. Inspections shall be performed to verify compliance with documented instructions, drawings, procedures, and specifications as required by the contract. All inspections will be documented by the contractor.
A four-phase inspection program will be followed for each definable feature of the work.

BNLS Safety Control Procedures

The purpose of this policy for BNLS is to develop a high standard of safety throughout all phases of our operations and to ensure that no employee is required to work under any conditions which are hazardous or unsanitary.
BNLS firmly believes that the individual employee has the right to derive personal satisfaction from their job.
As a result the prevention of occupational injury or illness is considered as a top priority at all times.
We also believe that each employee shares the responsibility to work safely and maintain good housekeeping habits. In stating this, the company will not tolerate any employee that practices poor safety habits.
BNLS has a complete accident prevention plan as well as the necessary safety training programs. Each individual, from top management to the job site craftsman, is responsible for the safety and health of those persons in their charge as well as their co-workers. By accepting mutual responsibility to work safely, BNLS will contribute to the safety, health and well being of all personnel. Active participation in and support of our safety commitment is essential for its success.